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“I can't thank Mr Khan enough - it is no exaggeration to say he saved my life!”

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John Marenghi

Finally a good night’s sleep for man who stopped breathing 30 times an hour for eight years

“'Now I sleep like a baby and wake up totally and utterly refreshed.'”

Tummy tuck after 5 stone weight loss: Charlene's story

“I feel a million times better. My belly looks the best it has since the day I found out I was pregnant when I was 19!”

Labia reduction surgery: Sarah's story

“Mr. Durrant and Spire have changed my life and I am still experiencing new amazingness each day.”


Facelift: Janet’s story

“Don’t waste time looking elsewhere. If you want a professional surgeon, go to Spire”


Breast enlargement and liposuction: Jenni’s story

“I am thrilled with the outcome and haven’t looked back on my decision once.”

“Thank you to everyone for looking after me so well...”

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“Best thing about the operation was I stood up and walked for miles”

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Graham Laker

“I have so much more confidence and am just a happier person now.”

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Jess Randall

“From the moment I was admitted I was immediately put at ease and made to feel that I was in safe hands”

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Matthew Greasley

Displaying 10 of 20 results
Displaying 10 of 20 results