Although there is no way we can ever express our gratitude to Mr Kelada, his whole team, including specifically Lizzie Cawsey and of course your good self, I will try to put this in words in this email.

Having tried to conceive for a few years without avail, I visited Mr Kelada mainly to assess my fertility situation and get some general advice. Both me and my husband were at the time not very keen on assisted fertility. My first impression was very positive, I was happy with Mr Kelada's guidance and the fact that he did not in any way attempt to persuade me to undergo fertility treatment. 

One year later, I returned to Mr Kelada with my husband, as we had been unsuccessful in conceiving naturally. At that point we discovered that we were candidates for ICSI. After careful deliberation we decided to attempt this, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic clinics were temporarily closed down.

Many months later, having turned 43(!), we were back with Mr Kelada and his team, and started treatment. The whole experience was outstanding. Mr Kelada and Lizzie are a fantastic, kind and compassionate team while maintaining a very professional attitude. From a practical point of view, all appointments could be booked at convenient hours which did not interfere with work. The experience at Boston Place for egg collection and transfer was just as outstanding. We were given daily updates on the progress and Mr Kelada and Lizzie extremely kindly kept in contact throughout via messaging and email. Twelve days later I nervously took the pregnancy test and after a minute it read: 'Pregnant' first I was unable to believe it and waited for the word 'Not' to somehow appear in the screen later, but it was true!

Nine months later, our beautiful son was born and we could not imagine life without him anymore!

Giving someone a chance at pregnancy is more than a medical treatment, it is no less than the gift of life. We will never forget what Mr Kelada and his whole team did for us, as long as we live.

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