Don’t waste time looking elsewhere. If you want a professional surgeon, go to Spire

Janet T

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Facelift: Janet’s story

Naturally slim Janet (56) began feeling self-conscious about her neck when she started receiving comments from friends and family.

She says, “People were commenting that I needed to put weight on, as my neck was looking haggard. I was horrified!” Janet had previously loved wearing her hair up, but felt she couldn’t anymore and just wanted to keep her neck covered.

Janet tried various creams, treatments and facials, but nothing hid the signs of aging, so she decided surgery would be her best option. Having previously had a breast augmentation at Spire Portsmouth Hospital, Janet says, “Choosing a hospital was easy. I wouldn’t entertain going anywhere else after the fantastic experience I’d had at Spire.”

Janet discussed the different options available, such as facelifts and neck lifts, during her initial consultation with consultant plastic surgeon Mr Tim Mellor. “There was no pressure on making a decision, Mr Mellor told me to go away with information and think about everything before committing,” she says.

Janet decided on a half facelift, and underwent the four-hour procedure. She says, “The nurses were lovely; very attentive and caring. Nothing was too much trouble and I felt like I could ask even the silliest of questions!”

After the procedure, Janet spent one night in hospital before recovering at home. “Lin Mellor, the cosmetic nurse gave me her personal mobile number to reach her any time of the day or night, which I thought showed real dedication to my care," she says.

“Now with my confidence back, I can wear my hair up again, which is something I had stopped doing as I was so self-conscious.” 

Janet’s advice to others considering cosmetic surgery: “Don’t waste time looking elsewhere. If you want a professional surgeon, go to Spire.”

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