Following my recent operation and stay at the Spire Hospital Portsmouth, I had been intending to write to everyone concerned with my medical treatment and post-operative care to express my thanks for their professionalism and their combined efforts to ensure my comfort and well-being.

I do so now,and, at risk of accidently missing out any behind-the-scenes persons, I would address my specific thanks to (not necessarily in the right order) your reception and admissions team, porters, the surgical and theatre team, recovery room nurses, the day and night-time nursing team, attending doctors, pharmacy staff, the physiotherapy team, imaging team (for my post-op x-ray, and my earlier MRI scans of course), the catering team and housekeeping staff.

I believe I should also thank the resident peacock for the extra entertainment provided(?)

I am sure there are others so I would just like to say again - thank you to everyonefor looking after me so well, and helping to speed my recovery.

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