There's the rub - Baggies' massage ace on treatment table

19 February 2016

As a sports massage therapist for West Bromwich Albion, Victoria Gray knows all about injury problems.

So when she hurt her wrist in a gym accident, Victoria, who does match day massages for players and officials at The Hawthornes, thought she might be spending a long period on the treatment table.

But thanks to a mobile phone and a ‘friend in the right place’ Victoria – or Tor as she is better known – has her sights set on being fully fit for West Brom’s Premiership against Crystal Palace on 27 February.

“I was boxing in the gym and I caught the side of the training pad. I just thought ‘ouch, that hurt!' By the time I got home I knew it was more than a little strain. I have a friend who works at the Spire Parkway Hospital in Solihull so I took a picture of my wrist on my phone and sent it to her.

“The funny thing is she doesn’t work there in a medical capacity but she did show it to a radiologist who said it looked like I’d broken my scaphoid, a bone in my wrist, and should go in for an X-ray immediately.

“The X-ray showed it was broken and, as I was wondering what my next step would be, I was told a consultant was just preparing to go home but would see me before he left. The next thing was an MRI scan and then I had my arm in plaster,” said Tor, who also runs a massage therapy clinic from her home in Great Barr.

“It all seemed to happen very quickly but now I have got over the shock of breaking my wrist I am delighted I took such quick action to get it fixed and I am determined to be fully fit in time for the Palace game.”

Married to Jamie, son of Villa legend Andy Gray, and with a nine-year-old football-mad son Jack, 31-year-old Tor knows the importance of teamwork and described staff at Spire Parkway as 'top of the league' as far as healthcare was concerned.

“They did a fantastic job and I am already able to do some work at my home-based clinic but I can’t wait to get back to match day at The Hawthornes,” she said.


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