Spire Parkway Hospital takes the lead with a new revolutionary treatment for fibroids

07 July 2014

MRgFUS (MR guided focused ultrasound), a procedure offered to treat uterine fibroids has caught the attention of the media. A patient has come forward to discuss how uterine fibroids affected her everyday life and how the MRgFUS treatment changed it - she is now back to doing everyday activities that we all take for granted thanks to the MRgFUS treatment she received here at Spire Parkway Hospital with Dr Paul Crowe and Miss Shirin Irani.

At Spire Parkway we aim to provide the latest technology to give patients more treatment options. MRgFUS at Parkway is a clear example of this, if a patient is found suitable for the treatment, she can avoid a hysterectomy which some patients may find a daunting operation with a long recovery period.

Find out more about MRgFUS and, to learn how a patient felt about the treatment and their journey, please read the Mail on Sunday article.

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