Hybrid theatre

Spire Nottingham Hospital are the first hospital in the region with a hybrid theatre.

Medical technology is constantly pushing the boundaries of healthcare and redefining what is and isn’t possible. Better equipment and capabilities help surgeons to more accurately diagnose and treat conditions and therefore improve outcomes for their patients.

Here’s how a hybrid theatre can benefit you.

A hybrid theatre is an operating room which is equipped with advanced medical imaging devices which enable minimally invasive surgery.

Spire Nottingham Hospital’s hybrid theatre contains a Siemens Artis Zeego which provides unique robotic imaging technology and is used particularly for spinal, cardiology, vascular and neurological procedures.

The Artis Zeego, which cost £1.5m, gives the consultants live 3D images of the anatomy allowing them to more precisely plan and perform operations.

Key benefits of a hybrid theatre:

- Shorter procedure time
- Less invasive
- Less painful
- Faster recovery time
- More comfortable for the patient
- Risk of complications lessened as keyhole surgery and more complex operations can both be performed in the same theatre

Mr Masood Shafafy, Consultant Spinal Surgeon

“The benefits to patients of being treated in a hybrid theatre are that it is less invasive, less painful, there is less recovery time and earlier return to function and to normal life.”