TV host 'Trisha' speaks about her experience at Spire Norwich Hospital

06 February 2018

"In my recent Hello! magazine exclusive, I revealed that I first went to Mr Beigi during my breast cancer chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment. I was still doing my TV show, and tough though it was I wanted to make sure that the results of my gruelling treatment weren't literally written all over my face.

"Now here's the thing – in my business facial expressions are everything. That is why I am such a massive fan of Mr Beigi's subtle and excellent work.

"An annual small top up of Restylane from the age of 50 plus a tiny amount of Botox when I was 58 (two years ago), is a great addition to what I work so hard to maintain.

"What's that joke? Once upon a time Botox was a taboo subject. But these days it hardly raises an eyebrow! My appearance is part and parcel of how I earn my living. The ability to convey emotions through my facial expressions is absolutely paramount in my job... I often say that if I was a racing car driver, I would only put good fuel in my tanks and only have the very best skilled engineers work on my body! So thank you Mr Beigi! You are the best!"

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