Frank Wootton, a building contractor and developer aged 76 from Hemsworth, began noticing his sight was worsening after having glaucoma for a number of years. In April this year he decided he needed to do something about it.

Mr Wootton had regular check-ups on his eyes but his left cataract eventually started to interfere with his day to day life. He says “Over the first two to three months of 2014 I noticed my eyes worsening and realised I need to have the operation sooner rather than later.”  Frank then considered his options and was told it was a several month long wait for the surgery via the NHS, so he decided to research ophthalmic consultants and find the best surgeon to perform the operation privately. 

Frank found that Mr Andrew Chung, an ophthalmic consultant at Spire Methley Park Hospital came highly recommended. He says, “I had no doubt I wanted to see Mr Chung, he came with high recommendations so I asked my GP to refer me.”

Within two weeks Mr Wootton had not only seen Mr Chung for a consultation he had also had his left cataract removed and his lens replaced and seen Mr Chung in clinic for his follow up appointment.

Mr Wootton describes his time in Methley Park: “My experience at the hospital was extremely good, I had a room prior to my surgery and Mr Chung came to see me before the operation. I had total support and guidance from the staff at Spire Methley Park Hospital and I was totally happy with the experience before and after.”

After his operation Frank says, “I was elated it had been done, I cannot put it into words what it was like to be able to see properly again.” Following his surgery he came back for a follow up and Mr Chung gave him a full examination and confirmed the surgery had been very successful.

Mr Wootton’s life has improved, he says, “I am a lot less stressed now my eye problems are resolved and can’t believe what a difference to my everyday life it has made. I enjoy gardening and I am amazed at how bright all the colours look following my surgery!”

Frank says, “My advice to anyone with cataracts is don’t hesitate! Your vision is so precious, who wants to be blind?”

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