£7.6 million refurbishment

Spire Methley Park Hospital is proud to announce the £7.6 million refurbishment is now complete

Spire Methley Park Hospital has just unveiled the results of a £7.6m investment programme that has resulted in a new operating theatre, an increase in bed numbers from 24 to 29 and a new physiotherapy unit and gymnasium.

The development also includes a new day care unit and discharge lounge, an onsite pharmacy and a total redesign of the outpatient department as well as an increase in parking spaces.

Carrying out the ‘informal’ opening ceremony Catherine Mason, Chief Operating Officer for Spire Healthcare, said the new facilities would further boost Spire Methley Park Hospital’s reputation for providing the very best in healthcare services.

She said: “Advancements in healthcare continue at an amazing rate so it is important that we keep pace with those developments. The new facilities here will be welcomed by everyone involved with the hospital and will help to maintain the high standards in healthcare that patients have come to expect.”

Hospital Director Sue Holliday, who this month celebrates 27 years with the company, said she couldn’t imagine getting a better anniversary present.

“This investment underlines Spire Healthcare’s confidence and commitment to expanding and improving hospital facilities.

“The new theatre, which previously was used for minor treatments is now equipped with cutting-edge technology that will enable us to carry out complex surgery across a variety of clinical specialties.”

"The treatment experience for our day case patients will also be vastly improved thanks to the five bed, purpose-built day care unit. In short, this development will be a boost to patients, clinicians and medical staff as a whole and I am very proud to be a part of it.”

Also in attendance were Councillor James Lewis and Helen Atkinson – who had been Hospital Director at Spire Methley Park when the work began. 



So what does it include?

The first phase of the development which was complete in November 2016 included relocation of the outpatient department into one area, development of an onsite pharmacy, creation of a dedicated physiotherapy unit and gym. And finally the relocation of administration staff.

The new unit includes a full service theatre, five day care beds, addition of a day care ambulatory unit along with the creation of a discharge lounge.

With a designated endoscopy suite, which is fully JAG compliant, we will be working towards full JAG accreditation in the future.

Our bespoke unit will offer patients a high quality and efficient day care experience delivered by a highly qualified and caring team.

Gymnasium and Physiotherapy department

Our physiotherapy department now has two patient treatment rooms, a dedicated waiting area and a fully operational gym. The refurbishment has meant that we are able to offer patients a wider range of facilities to help aid them in their recovery. 

Find out more about our Physiotherapy services


Our brand new on-site Pharmacy, led by clinically-trained pharmacists, support our inpatients by ensuring the swift supply of medicines are made before they are discharged from our care. The pharmacists spend time on the wards reviewing the treatment regimens prescribed by our consultants and are on hand to offer their advice. Patients are counselled by our pharmacists on the safe use of their medicines before discharge to ensure that their treatment is optimised.

We are open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm; however do not yet offer an outpatient dispensing service.

New Day Care Unit

Previously known as a the cosmetic surgery department the south wing of the hospital has been completely refurbished into a fully operational day care unit.

The day care unit includes a full service theatre, five day care beds and a creation of a discharge lounge. 

We have been able to increase capacity making patients journey through treatment a smoother more efficient experience.