In 2015, Marc had an initial consultation at Spire Manchester Hospital with Consultant Endocrinologist Dr John New after experiencing symptoms of diabetes.

While talking about his experience and consultations Marc said, “I was referred to Dr John New by a colleague of his. She was extremely concerned about the symptoms of diabetes I was experiencing and asked Dr New to see me as an emergency case. Dr New saw me and insisted on a number of immediate tests. A few hours later, I walked out of his clinic with new medication and detailed instructions on how to use this.

What I thought was going to be a quick discussion about nutrition turned into a detailed assessment of my health and a diagnosis of diabetes. An interesting day, but one that Dr New and his colleague talked me through at all stages.

Following assessment and diagnosis, Dr New recommended changes in my medication, including self-injecting of insulin. He talked me through the process and educated me in management of this medication. Over the following few weeks, I was in daily email contact with him, providing confirmation of my daily blood glucose levels and receiving updated instruction on changes to the level of medication required. This process allowed us to very quickly increase the levels of medication to an extent that made a noticeable difference in my wellbeing. This approach resulted in immediate changes. Had we not communicated this effectively, it would have taken a lot longer to reach the desired levels and my health would have suffered for a lot longer.

Four months on, I am a different person. My work colleagues have noticed a different in my energy levels and attitude. My family have noticed a difference as well. Due to Dr New's immediate intervention and education on how to manage my diabetes I am fully in control of my medication, managing the change and starting back at the gym!

Marc, Management and diagnosis of diabetes, 2015.