"From start to finish my experience with Mr Mani and all associated staff at the Spire Manchester Hospital was exceptional.

One would expect that living in another country would be a logistical challenge, however Mr Mani and his team scheduled the diagnostics, follow ups (and) subsequent surgery seamlessly. And they were mindful that I was on a short time frame visiting the UK.

Mr Mani is an outstanding surgeon, this became very apparent to me from the first consultation and reflecting back on the entire experience. Mr Mani took the time to ensure I understood each step. He always outlined all the options available to me and most importantly ensured the risks were outlined at the outset. The surgery went very well. My incision scar is barely noticeable, there was no impact on my vocal cords and my calcium levels were normal post surgery. I attribute this to my exceptional surgeon and the post care received at Spire Manchester Hospital.

Upon reflection, I know I made the right decision to have my surgery in the UK under Mr Mani’s care."

- Tahira Khan - Mr Navin Mani's patient.