Having had problems in the past few years I was told I needed both knees replacing, I finally decided enough was enough and made an appointment to see Mr Andrew Lavender. I had seen him with my wife on a number of occasions after she had urgent knee surgery and found him easy to speak to and very reassuring.

He replaced my knee on 7 November 2018, with the new robot-assisted surgery.

The surgery took place in the afternoon of 7 November and I was amazed at the lack of pain I felt as I recovered from the general anaesthetic. I had an ache in my leg, but it was nothing like I had been told to expect by people I knew who had undergone knee replacement surgery.

There was very little bruising and I felt very comfortable the following morning when the physio came to start my recovery exercises. I left hospital after three nights, able to walk with the aid of crutches and felt very happy and pain free.

Within two weeks I was down to using one crutch and after four weeks was able to walk with the aid of a walking stick in case of emergency. I saw Mr Lavender after six weeks and was told I was able to resume driving. 

We discussed the replacement of my other knee which has been scheduled for 31 January 2019, again with robot assistance.

I would recommend Mr Lavender (and his robot) to anyone requiring knee replacement surgery as he is honest, approachable and diligent, overall an excellent surgeon.

 - Nigel Heywood