Raymond Smith 67 from Norwich came to Spire Roding Hospital to have gastric sleeve surgery which helped him drop from a 53 inch waist to a 38 inch waist within months

Raymond described himself as a ‘professional grazer.’ After dieting unsuccessfully for years he couldn’t see a different way of life for himself. Until Raymond’s two daughters had a sleeve gastrectomy procedure undertaken by consultant weight loss surgeon Mr Mannur. Once he saw their success he felt it might also be the best option for him.

‘I was sick of being fat all my life, dieting for 20 years on and off’. Raymond had already been to a few open events so he had plenty of information about weight loss surgery, and he was accompanying his daughter to an appointment with Mr Mannur when she mentioned her father’s interest in having the same surgery. Mr Mannur said he would be more than happy to discuss surgical options and his suitability for surgery with Raymond at the end of his clinic that very same day. After this discussion, he was then booked in for a full consultation at the Spire Roding where Mr Mannur explained the entire procedure, start to finish in detail. It was at this point Raymond decided to go ahead with the surgery.

After his surgery Raymond said he felt just a little bloated. ‘The staff were so good with me, the nurses were very welcoming. They had a laugh and a joke, which was lovely.’  In the following weeks, with the support of his wife, Raymond worked through the diet plan arranged by the dietician.

He was surprised to find that he didn’t feel as hungry as before although he did fancy something tasty. ‘I was very cautious of eating more than I should, I once ate too quickly, I felt a lot of pressure in the top of my stomach and did think I may be sick, however I wasn’t and the feeling passed quickly.’

At his first follow up appointment Mr Mannur spent a lot of time with Raymond and was very pleased with his weight loss. ‘Mr Mannur took his time with me and went through everything.  Mr Manur and Mary Casey the Bariatric nurse at Roding, make you feel so relaxed throughout’.

Before Raymond’s procedure he was on medication for cholesterol and bladder problems due to his weight, all of which he doesn’t need at the moment. ‘I’ve changed my life, I can buy whatever I want to wear now. I don’t have to cover up anymore, before I was always hiding away, standing behind people in pictures, not anymore. My whole attitude about myself has changed, it has changed my whole state of mind. Now I have a better life, I am happy in myself and happy with how I look.’

Raymond felt the gastric sleeve procedure was his life saver, he now cycles most days with his wife, up to 50 miles a week. Everyday tasks that were difficult and made Raymond out of breath are now much easier, he  feels he can do things with confidence and things he would never have even thought of doing before.

 ‘Spire Roding Hospital provides a total care package, from the minute you walk through the door, you feel confident that you are getting the best treatment. Everybody was very professional, helpful and kind in their manner.’