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  • Mr Suhail Anwar
  • Mr James Arbuthnot
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  • Dr Mark A Cox
  • Miss Anne Dancey
  • Mrs Preeti Jain
  • Mrs Chien C Kat
  • Mrs Chien C Kat
  • Mr Amir Khan
  • Mr Rik Kundra
  • Mr Anindya Lahiri
  • Mr Thomas Ressiniotis
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  • Breast enlargement
  • Breast reconstruction following mastectomy
  • Breast reduction
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome surgery
  • Eyelid surgery or eyebag removal (blepharoplasty)
  • Facelift
  • Gastric bypass surgery
  • Gastric sleeve surgery (sleeve gastrectomy)
  • Hip replacement surgery
  • Liposuction
  • Mammogram (mammography)
  • MRI scan (magnetic resonance imaging scan)
  • Nose job or nose reshaping (rhinoplasty)
  • Trigger finger release
  • Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)
  • Ultrasound scan
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Displaying 10 of 45 results
Displaying 10 of 45 results

“I am delighted with progress having had surgery 6 weeks ago. I am back to work and able to manage lighter tasks (no splint). Strength and movement improving daily. Consultant very informative, very supportive great after care and advice which I did stick to hence today's feedback. Very pleased with my recovery would recommend as already so much better than prior to surgery. Thank you.”


“I saw Mr Shyamalan after noticing a numbness in my left hand after it had got to the point of loss of feeling and no muscle power. The surgery went well and within days of the procedure I felt all the feeling come back as well as rejuvenated muscle power and it was surprisingly quick as I felt all feeling with no numbness or tingling within a week of my surgery. I would like to thank Mr Shyamalan and all the staff for my treatment and my recovery.”


“I was initially under the care of an oncologist at another private hospital, not part of this group. He demonstrated very little regard for me and, indeed, treated me and my condition, with contempt. I complained and demanded a transfer referral. I had researched oncologists at Spire, Little Aston, it being my preferred private hospital. I concluded that Dr Anwar was the guy for me and I was so right. I was so happy after my first consultation with him (and the wonderful Gill Farringdon) that I almost cried. It was such a relief to be listened to. To be under the care of someone who considered me a person, not just a necessary evil to obtain a salary. I am regularly sent for tests such as MRI, mammograms and ultrasounds with results turning round very quickly. Any concerns are checked thoroughly. I genuinely do not believe I could have better care anywhere else. I am incredibly grateful and I genuinely look forward to my appointments as everyone I experience shows such warmth and understanding.”

Barbara Rochelle

“Since a previous full mastectomy to my right breast, lymph node clearance and subsequent lat dorsi reconstruction in August 2012, I observed that the natural breast and reconstructed breast were becoming more uneven as time passed. It was quite noticeable and I also had no nipple on my reconstructed breast. I was recommended to Miss Anne Dancey by another consultant I was seeing to remove a sebaceous cyst and two moles on my face. We had a consultation with Miss Dancey who explained everything thoroughly, including options available and which were possible and well as which were not. She was very candid and made me feel completely at ease. I trusted her totally. I underwent several procedures in the same operation. The required breast reconstruction - new implant in the right to replace the existing one and an implant in the left breast to match. I also had some liposuction to my stomach to provide fat for the breast work and a small amount of optional liposuction to my jawline as well as a one stitch face lift (why not!). The operation was several hours but I cannot recall the duration. Aftercare was superb. I felt as if I was the only patient there! Miss Dancey is fantastic. No pressure, no judgement. If you are not sure what you want done, she will guide you through the options and you will get superb results. I frequently get compliments on the surgical quality of the breast work when I go for check ups etc.”

Barbara Rochelle (1)

“I started to notice symptoms in July 2015, when I suffered a torn retina. After laser surgery, I was left with a very large floater which moved, like an opaque blob which filled my vision as it floated around my right eye. After a year, I decided I couldn't cope any more. It was impacting my quality of life and making everyday tasks difficult or impossible; such as driving, using a computer, watching TV and cooking. At this point, we decided to visit Spire Little Aston and make use of our private healthcare. I had an initial consultation with Mr Kam Balaggan, who explained thoroughly the options, the associated risks and his particular skill set and statistics. He put me totally at ease, answered any and all concerns we had and enabled me to make a decision, happily, immediately. This was followed by the operation itself. I opted to have only local anaesthesia, partially under his advice. I was looked after very well by everyone. The operation itself only took around half an hour but from entering theatre to leaving was probably around an hour. The operation was not painful, if unpleasant. I would undergo the same operation by the same surgeon again willingly, if/when necessary. The change of vision in my right eye is enormous, going from constantly slightly squinting and blinking away a huge floater, I now have wonderful sharp and unobscured vision in that eye. It has made a huge difference to me. I would say that most people have commented that they couldn't have this operation under local anaesthesia as they couldn't cope with seeing everything going on. In fact, you see nothing other than a bright light to start with and then nothing at all. Recovery was straightforward, after about two weeks I was pretty much back to normal. Mr Balaggan has been accessible, friendly, reassuring and empathetic. I could not be happier with the results or with my surgeon.”

Barbara Rochelle (2)

“I have been monitored for my glaucoma for some time, initially by Miss Hope Ross and more recently by Mr Ressiniotis. In November 2016, Mr Ressiniotis performed a trabeculectomy operation on my right eye. I received excellent care from the consultant and hospital, with very good follow up care too. I had no pain or complications, it is a complete success. I would highly recommend the consultant and hospital.”

Tracey Rose

Midland Knee Clinic at Spire Little Aston and Parkway Hospitals

“Mr Balaggan has been accessible, friendly, reassuring and empathetic. I could not be happier with the results or with my surgeon. ”

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Barbara Rochelle

“When I decided that I was going to have a Full Tummy Tuck and Liposuction, I was so excited and at the same time scared. Then I was lucky enough, following lots of research, to find and meet Mr Lahiri. He explained what the operation involved and discussed what results to expect. He answered all My questions and made me feel totally at ease. He was always available to help me with any queries, including advice out of hours via e-mail. He made My operation very personal and the after care was fantastic. He was very professional. I would recommend this operation and Plastic Surgeon, Anindya Lahiri, to anyone. I'm 100% happy with my results and the care that I received throughout the whole procedure.... Thank you Mr Lahiri.”


“Very professional, polite, friendly, patient - always explained everything in details. He was also very frank and honest, told me what he could and could not do. No false promises.”


Displaying 10 of 45 results
Displaying 10 of 45 results