My amazing experience at Spire Little Aston with Mrs Katerinaki

My tummy tuck with Effie Katerinaki

I started my research into my surgery and I am so thrilled and happy that I chose the best surgeon with Mrs Effie Katerinaki. From the first consultation, I felt at ease with her and she showed real professionalism in her job, she informed me about the surgery and I [was] so relieved in her presence and that, without a doubt, she knew what she was doing and I was happy to book my surgery with this consultant at Spire Little Aston.

I am now three weeks post-operation from having a tummy tuck and I am recovering well (touch wood), Mrs Katerinaki has a wonderful Cosmetic Nurse Fiona Shaits (clinical nurse specialist) who has looked after me post-op. I have received excellent care and treatment advice and support from start to finish.

I would recommend Mrs Effie Katerinaki and her Team, Fiona Shalts, 100% for anyone who is thinking of having surgery to go and meet with her and ask questions regarding your operation and procedure.