“I was in a significant amount of pain and with very limited movement due to a frozen shoulder. As a garden designer facing the prospect of creating an RHS show garden in this condition, I was recommended the high volume injections as a way to speed recovery and reduce the pain. The result was fabulous and I was able to work for five weeks flat out on the garden.”

Karen Atkinson-Tatlow, treatment with Mr Sonsale


“I had an umbilical hernia. I was supported by Mr Korsgen with clear and simple information. Michelle kept a good watch over me, checking my pain levels and offering anything else I needed. I feel happy to have had surgery here. Everyone at Spire Little Aston Hospital is polite and happy and I felt really comfortable.”

Vicki Jones, treatment with Mr Korsgen


“The staff were very helpful, kind and pleasant and the food was very well presented.”

Robert Brewer, treatment with Mr Chakravarti


“My care at Spire Little Aston has been exceptional. Every single member of the team has been professional, kind and caring. Mrs Katerinaki has made my surgical experience as easy as possible, informing me of all aspects of procedure, during and after surgery. Fiona, cosmetic nurse, has also made the entire procedure as best as it could be. She is an amazing nurse, I’d recommend this facility to everyone.”

Emma Gee


“Treatment has been fantastic from the moment I came through the front door, everything has been outstanding. The treatment I have received has been outstanding. Would not hesitate to come back here again.”

Stanley J.Norris


“I had two procedures together. The advice and support before, during and after was exemplary. Mr Khanna and Fiona were both brilliant and Fiona was exceptionally supportive and key to my quick recovery. Thank you so much.”

Stephanie Skelton


“It has been a full year now since having my lens replacement surgery. The complete process, from consultation, examination, surgical replacement and post-op check was conducted and performed by Mr Calladine – who I must say inspired me with confidence from the onset and quite rightly so, as I am 100% satisfied with the outcome.”

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Milan Torbica


“Very pleased with the treatment I received at Spire Little Aston Hospital with my consultant, Mr Sonsale. Everything went well. Many thanks. ”

Thomas Patrick Tuttle


“I had a steroid injection in my index finger for carpal tunnel. I just felt the prick of the needle. It is great to be able to write with no pain. Spire Little Aston Hospital is a lovely place to attend for treatment. All the staff and my consultant, Mr Sonsale have been very sincere throughout. This is my second visit and no complaints from me. Such lovely people. ”

Jennifer Allsopp


“Wonderful treatment on the ward. Fantastic consultant! Walking without an aid after 3.5 weeks, with no medication needed after discharge. After six weeks I am walking normally again- difficult to believe!”

David Wilkinson