Medical Weight Management

11 January 2016

Have you tried every ‘yo-yo’ diet and health fad there is but still don’t see the results you desire? Weight loss medication could be the solution with patients seeing results in days.

Weight loss medication is designed to stop fat being absorbed and supress appetite. It prevents the weight gain that can often come after a diet, keeping the weight off long term rather than short term.

Like any method of weight loss, it is important that the plan is tailored to individual needs and you have a team of dedicated people helping you every step of the way. Here at Spire Little Aston, we offer a weight loss consultant, who can recommend a tailored weight loss programme.

Patients ask often ask what lifestyle changes they will need to make after they start taking the medication. Mr Andrew Hartland offers his expert advice; ‘After starting medication, patients should continue with a healthy diet and lifestyle. However, often the weight loss is achieved with medication helps motivate and support these healthy lifestyle choices.

If you’re considering weight loss medication our dedicated weight management team can help. For an appointment call 0121 580 7119.

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