New ear wax removal service at Spire Little Aston Hospital

04 December 2019

Your ears naturally produce earwax to keep them clean and healthy. Wax usually passes out of the ear canal on its own, however, a wax build-up can become a problem when it is pushed into the ear canal by objects such as cotton buds in an attempt to clean them. When wax has built up in the ear canal, problems with hearing, pain and fullness can occur.

The safest way to remove earwax build-up is to consult a medical professional, with microsuction being one of the quickest, most effective forms of wax removal. In this short 15 minute procedure, excess earwax is removed using a suction device.

How much does it cost?
Spire Little Aston offers a 15 minute microsuction service for £160 without the need for an initial consultation.

Please note that in some circumstances 15 minutes may not be enough time to clear a chronic earwax problem so further consultations may be required at an additional cost.

Before your treatment
We try to make your experience with us as easy and relaxed as possible, that’s why we ask that before your appointment we recommend you visit a Pharmacy and ask for an ear wax softening agent which will help soften up your wax ready for quick and easy removal during your consultation.

The procedure
Microsuction is a minimally invasive technique which is performed in the consulting room. The procedure involves the use of a microscope to provide a good view of the ear canal and a miniature vacuum cleaner device, which gently removes the wax through suction. The procedure typically takes about five minutes.

Microsuction of the middle ear is an extremely safe and comfortable method of cleaning the ear which does not carry the same risk of trauma and infection that is associated with syringing techniques.

If you have vertigo, tinnitus, had ear surgery or have a known perforation to the eardrum, please make this known upon booking your appointment.

If something else is found in the ear and ear wax removal is not what you require. The consultant will inform you and this appointment then becomes a consultation for the correct treatment at a later date. Further consultations will be charged on the individual consultant’s charges.

Typically, no further action is required after the treatment and you can resume all normal activity immediately after the procedure.

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When booking your appointment please mention if you have vertigo, tinnitus, had ear surgery or have a known perforation to the eardrum.

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