Blood tests

A simple blood test can reveal a lot about your health and wellbeing.

Spire Healthcare have a range of blood tests to help diagnose any diseases and conditions or help assess the overall state of your health.

We're here to help you make the right choices for your health, so you can focus on your recovery.

Allergy testing

Simple tests to determine if you have any allergic reactions.

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Blood clot or thrombosis test

Tests to assess whether your blood is clotting correctly.

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Blood disorder test

Tests to quickly and effectively diagnose a range of blood disorders.

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Blood pressure test

Measuring the pressure inside your arteries as your heart pumps blood.

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Blood type or blood group test

It’s important to know your blood type.

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Cancer tests

For peace of mind or to get you the right treatment you need, fast.

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Cholesterol level test

Check your level of risk in developing a range of health problems.

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Diabetes test

Diabetes can easily be detected through a simple finger prick.

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Fertility tests

Tests for men and women to determine the cause of infertility problems.

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Hormone test

A blood test to check for potential hormone imbalances.

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Liver and kidney test

Checks the health of these vital organs.

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Sexual health testing

Tests to check for sexually transmitted infections.

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Thyroid test

Determines if you have an underactive or overactive thyroid.

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How do I book a blood test?

If you require a blood test, you do not need to book in advance for an appointment. Please check in at the hospital reception between 9:00am and 16:00pm on Monday-Friday with a referral from your GP or consultant and we can arrange for one of our nurse phlebotomists to take your blood that day. If you are insured, make sure to contact your insurers beforehand to make sure you are covered and if you are self-funding, you can find out the cost of a blood test by calling 01293 778 906.

What blood tests are available?

To find out if a particular blood test is available at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital or to find out the self-funding cost for a test, please call one of our Treatment Enquiry Advisers on 01293 778 906.

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