Mr Spicer writes to our Hospital Director about his positive experience with Spire Gatwick Park Hospital

"Dear Mr Crisp,

I am writing to you to convey my thoughts on my experience as a patient at the Spire Gatwick Park Hospital over the last two weeks.

I suffered terribly before and during Christmas with a chest pain and was referred by the GP and my insurance company to one of the gastric consultants operating at your hospital.

To date I have been in on four occasions for blood tests, pharmacy, one day care visit for an endoscopy and a two day in-patient visit for an operation to remove my gallbladder.

Throughout all of these departments it has struck me how each and every one of the staff have been friendly, helpful, proactive and well organised. Both of the consultants who have been involved in my case have been following up on my progress, even when at home, on their own time, over New Year’s Day. The information has been shared with me and the paperwork minimised. The check in and check out procedures have been simple and quick and every person from the reception staff, to the blood test nurses, to the pharmacy, to the ward staff, food staff and cleaners have all said 'hi' and engaged me in conversation while being at the hospital.

Everyone is busy these days but if they can do that for me, then one hopes that they can also do that for a patient that is nervous, elderly or unable to understand all that is going on.

I am a senior examiner in the aviation business and my job is to train trainers, examiners and senior staff in technical and non-technical areas. There is a fair share of 'arrogance' in my business as senior training captains are seen as 'Gods'. We have a tough time shedding that image and keeping humility in our senior staff. I believe this to be the truth in the medical industry too. Therefore when I see humility and quiet professionalism, it is really noticeable and has spurred me to comment.

I am sure that within the hospital there are areas that you are hoping to improve but as far as I am concerned, within my own experience thus far, the staff have been well selected, well trained and well supported to be able to present themselves as they do. Keep it up and thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,

Derek Spicer"