Children can be seen as outpatients and some may be able to have a day case or inpatient procedure carried out by some of our consultants. 

  • Birth – 16 years old: outpatient appointments
  • 3 – 16 years old: day case at Spire Shawfair Park
  • 13 – 16 years old: day case at Spire Shawfair Park and Spire Murrayfield Hospital
  • 13 – 16 years old: inpatient at Spire Murrayfield Hospital (one night stay only)
  • Spire Edinburgh Hospitals are unable to carry out a tonsillectomy on children under 13 years old

Find out which of our consultants can see paediatric patients:

If your child is coming into hospital for surgery, we’ll invite you to bring them for a pre-admission visit. You'll meet some of the staff who'll be looking after your child, and the visit will help them to feel more familiar with the hospital when they return for their actual admission.

If your child (13 – 16 years old) is staying at Spire Murrayfield Hospital, we can arrange for you to stay overnight in your child's room. If you child is having a day case procedure at Spire Shawfair Park Hospital, your child is likely to stay for 5 to 6 hours.

On the ward, your child will be cared for by a registered sick children's nurse or a registered nurse with a child branch certificate. The team that looks after your child in the operating theatre and recovery room will have received additional training in the care of children.

You’ll be able to accompany your child to the operating theatre and stay with them until they are asleep. You will also be able to accompany your child back from the recovery area to the ward.

A children's menu will be available and if your child wants something that's not on the menu, we’ll do our best try to provide it.

We provide a range of toys and books, but it's a good idea for your child to bring one or two of their own favourite toys or comforters.