I came to the decision to have surgery as I felt that I had an amazing life that I was looking in on but not taking part in. Attending my initial consultation was very emotional and I was very nervous but Lorna's friendly and welcoming approach put me at ease.

In my time at the hospital, a received a very personal, private and understanding service in a beautiful environment and was well looked after by all staff.

After surgery, I experienced very fast results in my weight loss. I did exactly what I was told to do by my team and after having surgery, I was back at work doing light duties the following week.

Now I am fully taking part in my life – I’m now out on my husband’s Harley Davidson (in my tiny cute leathers), feel confident in a bikini and am the first on the dance floor.

Through this process, I have gained a lot of new friends. We have monthly support group meetings that we run ourselves where we chat, laugh and cry. Fred and Lorna in addition to that are an amazing source of help and information.

It is important to remember however that surgery is a tool that helps you with weight loss, but it is not a quick and easy fix. In order to maintain your results, you must make the correct nutritional choices for the rest of your life.

I’m three years post op now and it has changed my life.

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