Everyone in the hospital is so friendly, they make you feel at ease and will help you with anything.

Jessica Graham - Weight loss surgery


“I feel that Mr Gaston has done a fantastic operation”

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Ibrahim Okhai


It really has been a life changing experience and I really appreciate everything that has been done.

Annie Say - hip replacement surgery

Patient Story

Breast reduction, uplift and tummy tuck: Angela’s story

“Give yourself something back - over the years I had always put the family first, but now felt it was time to do something for me!”


“I had a lower face and neck lift plus laser under a local anaesthetic so I was awake all through the procedure, only suffering discomfort from the injections. When it was over I had none of the side effects that you would experience from a general. The only bruising was one small area on my right cheek. Mr Quaba and his theatre team were excellent with me at all times. I would have it all done again, no problem.”

Angela Farrimond


“Three years ago, Donna had weight loss surgery at Spire Edinburgh hospitals. Having successfully lost a significant amount of weight, she came back for body contouring surgery: "I met with Mr Cameron Raine who was really lovely and immediately put me at ease. He spent the time to fully understand my issues with the excess skin and suggested a number of options for me to consider. I was encouraged to take the time to consider what would be best for me and I decided to have a breast reduction and arm lift. The results have been brilliant."”

Donna McKay


“I am 38 yrs old with three children and three grandchildren and was in much need of a tummy tuck. The procedure was carried out in October 2014 and was well worth it. Four years before my tummy tuck I had a breast reduction, this made me feel like a new person. After that experience I decided to go for the tummy tuck and this had been well worth it. I have more confidence in my clothes and look much slimmer. Mr Quaba did all my procedures at the Murrayfield Hospital and made me feel from my first consultation that he could help me and gave me confidence to go ahead, I would tell anyone who is not happy with their body no matter what age to go ahead and get these procedures done”

Dorothy Beattie


“Having had lower back pain for a several months, I saw spinal surgeon, Mr Chris Adams at Spire Murrayfield hospital. Having examined me, he referred me for an MRI scan. Mr Adams identified that there was no need for surgery (thank goodness!) but suggested that I may benefit from physiotherapy as my core muscles weren’t as strong as he would have liked. Following my referral to the back and neck clinic, I started a 12 week programme to strengthen the muscles in my back and started Pilates exercises to improve posture. I can’t believe the range of movement I have now and am completely pain free which I find astounding (I honestly didn’t believe it was possible from simply strengthening these muscles). I’m so grateful to all who have helped me get to this stage of improved health as I can do my job better and walk further and generally have an improved quality of life.”

Teresa Howley