At Spire Dunedin Hospital, we now are able to offer a one-stop skin lesion removal clinic where you are able to have a consultation and procedure to remove a skin lesion all in one visit. Minor skin lesions include a range of conditions such as cysts, warts or skin tags. Most skin lesions don't cause serious problems however you may want to have them removed for practical or appearance reasons.

There are different techniques to remove a skin lesion which will be determined by factors such as its size and where it is on your body. Your consultant will advise you which method is most appropriate for you.

Techniques to remove a skin lesion include the following:

  • Some lesions can be shaved down to the level of the surrounding skin. Your consultant may use a surgical blade to do this.
  • Your consultant can snip skin tags off with surgical scissors.
  • Certain lesions are cut out entirely and your consultant will close the wound with stitches (these may be dissolvable) or skin glue.

Some skin lesions may also be frozen off with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy) or treated with creams.

Most operations to remove skin lesions are straightforward, however with any surgical procedure there is a small chance of side effects or complications and the consultant will go through the potential risks during the initial consultation.

What happens on the day?

On the day of your appointment at Spire Dunedin Hospital, you will have an initial consultation with the consultant surgeon, where they will go over the information you have provided to our customer service advisers and go through the procedure and potential risks.

The operation is performed in our Outpatient treatment room under local anaesthetic and usually lasts no more than 30 minutes. Afterwards you will usually be able to go home when you are ready, however we do not recommend driving until the effects of the anaesthesia have worn off fully.

During your consultation you may be advised by the consultant that they are unwilling to remove your lesion. For example, your consultant may advise that the procedure be done under general anaesthetic due to the location or size of the lesion.

If this happens you will not be charged for your consultation and you will be advised as to further treatment options available at the hospital.


The all-inclusive cost to attend the one-stop skin lesion removal clinic ranges from £250 – £695, dependent upon the number and types of lesions.

Removal of lesions (up to three) £550
Removal of lesions (four to six) £695
Cryotherapy (up to ten without any other procedure) £250
Skin tags (any number without another procedure) £250

If your consultant advises against removing the skin lesion you will not be charged and you will be advised on further treatment options available here at Spire Dunedin Hospital.

Find out more

For further information and the dates of upcoming clinics at Spire Dunedin Hospital contact us on 0118 955 3563.