In collaboration with GeneHealth UK, Spire Cardiff Hospital provides genetic counselling and testing using next generation sequencing genetic testing. Patients with a family history of, or diagnosed with an inherited cardiac condition or cancer, often want access to fast, professional and accurate genetic testing. Our experienced genetic counsellors have many years of experience in providing empathetic and informative genetic counselling and testing.

Caroline Kirwan is a Registered Genetic Counsellor with 15 years experience as a genetic counsellor and works privately at Spire Cardiff. She also works as a Senior Genetic Counsellor with the All Wales Medical Genetics Service.

Unfortunately, the NHS does not have the resources to manage the recent increase in demand for cardiac or cancer genetic testing and many families either do not meet eligibility criteria or are frustrated by long waiting times.

Our service consists of a family history questionnaire and a 1 hour pre and post-test consultation.  During the initial consultation the family history is assessed and the risks and benefits of genetic testing are explained to the client. If the client wants to proceed with genetic testing results are available in 4-10weeks, dependent on test.  Our current cardiac panel covers over 200 genes including: Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, Dilated Cardiomyopathy, arrhythmias and a family history of sudden death.

The test itself is a simple saliva sample. Once the patient receives the results, they are able to plan any possible next steps based on the outcomes. In some cases this may mean preventative surgery, in others enhanced screening is recommended.

Click to see tests that are available

  • BowelGene is a genetic test for inherited bowel cancer
  • BreastGene is a genetic test for inherited breast cancer
  • BRCA 1 and 2 is a genetic test for inherited breast cancer and ovarian cancer
  • ProstateGene is a genetic test for inherited prostate cancer
  • OvarianGene is a genetic test for inherited ovarian cancer
  • CardioGene is a genetic test for inherited forms of heart conditions


About GeneHealth UK

GeneHealth UK is the leading UK provide of private genetic testing and offers face-to-face consultation at a growing number of clinics and over the phone. All genetic tests are offered by genetic counsellors with pre and post test counselling using state-of-the-art testing facilities.

Services are available as self-pay and, for selected indications, some insurance companies will cover the testing. 

GeneHealth UK is part of Check4Cancer Ltd offering the largest range of early detection of cancer services in the UK and overseas. - 0800 331 7177

Our registered genetic counsellor