The medical care was excellent, and the staff were brilliant, I couldn't wish for better care.

They were all great, from Kate who did my basic care and booking in, to all the theatre staff involved. The anaesthetist introduced himself and made me feel really comfortable with the procedure from his point of view. The theatre staff were very chatty which helped remove any anxiety prior to the surgery. Lorraine was lovely and I can't thank them enough. I understand the time constraints on staff and the fact that everyone was so caring and committed, is a testament to the service that they provide.

Mr Elliott has taken the time to explain every aspect of my operation. He met me shortly after I arrived on the ward, and again talked through both the operation, any complications that could occur and the ongoing treatment, over the next few weeks. He took the time to listen, and asked if I had any concerns about any aspect of the procedure. Throughout I was made to feel relaxed and comfortable, and knew exactly what to expect, I cannot thank him enough.

What our patients say