Free varicose vein mini consultations in Southend, Essex

18 April 2018

About the treatments

We are proud to promote our varicose vein service, offering a range of treatments for varicose veins and thread veins. These can be tailored to your individual needs - whether you have problems with painful veins or if they are proving unsightly and embarrassing.

The varicose vein service at Spire Wellesley Hospital offers a variety of modern techniques, including VNUS Closure®. The VNUS Closure® procedure is a minimally-invasive alternative to the surgical treatments of varicose veins. It is estimated that up to 70% of patients requiring treatment could benefit from this effective and less painful form of treatment.

About mini consultations

We are pleased to offer free 10 minute mini consultations for vein treatments with Mr Matthew Jakeways, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, where you can discuss the various treatments available for varicose and thread veins.

Our free mini consultations are held at Spire Wellesley Hospital, Southend.

Mini consultations are offered at the consultants discretion and are an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about treatment. They are not a formal out patient consultation and if you wish to proceed to surgery, a full out-patient consultation will be required.

How to book

If you are considering treatment for varicose or thread veins why not book your free 10 minute mini consultation today?

You can book your free appointment by calling our friendly treatment enquiry advisers on 01702 447 926.



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