I had a left bunion operation in March 2018 with Mr Kunasingam at Spire St Anthony’s Hospital. I had read about his new less invasive procedure in the Daily Mail and was pleased to find he was operating at St Anthony’s Hospital. I had previously had a left bunion operation 30 plus years ago. However, there is a very strong difference with this new technique. With Mr Kunasingam the surgery was day surgery and I was out the same evening having gone in at midday. The hospital staff were very kind and looked after my husband while he waited for me in my room. The very important difference is that as a self-employed osteopath, I had booked the next day off as I was told the recovery time was faster than standard operations but I had an emergency and was able to work the next day with no problems and thereafter. I only took painkillers for one day plus antibiotics. The physios were very good and showed me how to manage the stairs. 

Over the years I have been to St Anthony’s Hospital for a number of investigations and two hip replacements last year which have also been life changing for me at the age of 70 and still working. The nursing staff, admin, catering staff and consultants have always been so good to me. Also love the food at the hospital, such wonderful choices.

I highly recommend this procedure which instead of a big scar has five very minor incisions where screws are implanted, so they healed very quickly. Being up on my feet quickly was the best thing for someone who is working on them a lot.