I cannot praise my physio, Katherine, highly enough. Katherine’s treatment has allowed me to rediscover the joy of running.

I’m a semi-competitive runner but had been plagued by recurrent niggling injuries for several years, limiting my activity to a frustrating stop-start pattern. I had even bought a bike, thinking maybe my running days were over.

Guided by the Consultant, Dr Kipps’ diagnosis and her own analysis, Katherine devised a program to help me get back to the level of running I had previously enjoyed. It involved strength and conditioning work, a new exercise regime, both outdoors and in the gym, and some changes to my running gait. I followed it rigorously, with some supervision and regular check-ins, and after a few weeks, I’m enjoying a level of performance that I would not have thought possible. It’s a miracle. I can hardly tell you how happy I am. For context, I had previously consulted GPs, other physios, running shops and even an osteopath, to little or no effect.

The whole package at Spire St Anthony’s has been brilliant, from my initial Consultant’s appointment, through the reporting and referral to the physiotherapy team and the booking and handling of appointments. The facilities are excellent too.