Teenage Scoliosis correction at Spire Southampton Hospital

14 September 2017

Consultant Spinal Surgeon, Mr Evan Davies made headlines this year as a specialist in scoliosis. His patient Zoe's inspiring story was covered by Daily Echo on Tuesday 18 July, and in September's issue of Forum Magazine, when a scoliosis correction allowed her to continue with her dream of musical theatre. 

Zoe's passion is performing on stage, so when she received the news that she had scoliosis it was devastating. The curvature in her spine would most probably get worse without surgery and limit her ability to dance. Suffering from chronic pain and limited mobility at school, Zoe and her parents decided that surgery was the best option.

Having undergone scoliosis correction at the Spire Children and Young People's Service, Zoe was able to return to the stage for her schools production of Legally Blonde and is set to study drama at Winchester University.

With modern spinal care, a specialist Paediatric spinal team and anaesthetists, Spire Southampton Hospital is one of the few recognised private scoliosis centres in the UK. For Zoe and her family the advantage of coming to Spire Southampton meant that her surgery took place in the school holidays, and she was back at college in a month.


The treatment of scoliosis varies and surgery is not suitable for all patients. An assessment and discussion on treatments should be led by specialists in scoliosis such as Evan Davies at Spire Southampton.


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