How dangerous are trampolines for your joints?

31 March 2017

Mr Amir Qureshi, Consultant Knee and Trauma Surgeon, has been discussing his research into the increase in the number and complexity of injuries on trampolines. 

"Just last week I had a 27 year-old female referred to me with a life changing injury to her left knee as a result of a trampoline accident." Mr Qureshi said.

"Some of these injuries are simply unpleasant, but others can be extremely serious.

"The issue at the moment, particularly where young people are involved, is that the use of nets gives children and their parents a false sense of security that they will be fine whatever the level and intensity of activity on a trampoline.

"In my opinion, as an experienced orthopaedic surgeon, the equipment is dangerous and should only be used in appropriate circumstances- which I believe can only be achieved under professional supervision."

Mr Qureshi will be discussing the dangers on ITV's Good Morning Britain on Monday 3 April at 7.30am. 

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