A knee replacement under the care of Mr Goswami, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Spire Parkway Hospital, highlights the care and attention to detail Spire Parkway staff give their patients

Mr P Boswell was so delighted with his treatment at Spire Parkway Hospital, he wrote to thank the staff:

"The level of kindness and support that I received from all your staff was, quite frankly, second to none. I strongly suspect that no other hospital could have surpassed the level of treatment that I received.

"I knew first hand that a knee replacement is no small procedure and that the recovery immediately after surgery can sometimes be quite lengthy and painful."

During Mr Boswell's stay at Spire Parkway Hospital, he felt that the staff "displayed an amazing level of kindness and cheerfulness that helped me through the early stages of the procedure. My nurses could not have been kinder, or displayed a higher degree of attention and support, for this I shall always be very grateful.

"My physiotherapists also displayed great kindness and encouragement to me.

"Thank you, and to all your staff for the kind attention and treatment I received."

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