On Friday 20 July, we were treated to a fantastic evening in the Spire Specialist Cancer Centre, situated at Spire Parkway Hospital in Solihull!

Wonderful wig specialist Baz Oldershaw spoke so passionately about his caring for ladies who need a wig whilst they are undergoing treatment.  He explained about his own personal background when he was ill as a child and subsequently has had a lifelong passion for cutting wigs to a head – not just the wig sitting on the head like a mat!

I have been a friend of Baz’s for over 30 years and was thrilled to be asked to be his model for the evening.  I have never worn a wig and it felt so light and comfortable! While Baz was cutting my wig to style, he explained that these modern wigs can be easily cleaned, cut and come in a wide range of colours  – easy care, easy wear.  In fact, later in the evening another friend of Baz’s, Bobby,  with  the help of Katrina, modelled some prepared wigs in lots of colours and different styles and the audience all noticed the difference when she wore a real hair wig! (A lot more work, more expensive and they have to be treated like real hair, so need much more preparation daily). 

Then we had a chat from Cathy Brown – who again spoke passionately about her love of tattooing both eyebrows during treatment and nipples on patients after surgery.  She drew some wonderful eyebrows onto Nicky and we were all so impressed! Her pictures of her other skills were amazing!

We had tears and laughter all evening in this intimate setting of the SSCC. The two speakers spoke so eloquently and passionately about how they love to help patients at a time when patients really need help and loving care. 

I hope that there will be another evening organised soon so that more ladies can have a bit of passion in their lives! 

L Martin

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