In October 2015 Mr Ng completed a total knee replacement in my right knee and a year later in November 2016 he completed the same procedure (with the addition of a “button”) on my left knee.

On my subsequent discharge I remember discussing with Mr Ng the possibility of completing a marathon type event on my “new” knees.

As I approach my 70th birthday (in July), I write to inform him that this has been achieved! On the 13 May 2018, my new knees enabled me to complete a marathon 26.5 mile walk across the centre of the Isle of Wight, in 9.5 hours.

I have lived with the thought of completing some sort of marathon for several decades and my deteriorating kneed seems to rule this out. As I climbed the final hill heading for the western end of the Isle of Wight I was reminded that this was only possible because of my replacement knees.

So I write simply to say a huge thank you to Mr Ng and his colleagues for his commitment and expertise, and for the care I received at Methley Park.

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