Mrs Irene Ellen Fowler, unicompartmental knee replacement with Mr Ng

During a yoga class, 65 year Irene Fowler, noticed a tweak in her left knee, since then then noticed a gradual decline in her knee.

Mrs Fowler managed on physiotherapy from 2013 - although during this time she did experience flare ups - however in 2017 Irene had an MRI scan that showed a few tears. However she was more shocked at being told that it was “practically bone on bone in the inner part of the knee.”

She said, “I could have ‘managed’ it but the flare ups were becoming more frequent and the swelling was taking longer to reduce. I saw my GP who referred me to a consultant.”

That’s when Irene decided to come and see Mr Ng at Spire Methley Park Hospital.

“I had the opportunity to go to Spire Methley Park and jumped at the chance as I’d had previous experience at the hospital.

“Mr Ng sent me for an x-ray and then suggested the unicompartmental (partial) knee replacement surgery. He gave me two weeks to think about it but I had no hesitation.

“Methley Park is so clean; the staff are so efficient and friendly.”

“The support form nursing staff, doctors, and physios was first class. Everything was explained to me, I was very nervous about the spinal injection but was put at ease. The physio had me up and walking the next morning.”

“I did very well once home. I handed in my crutches the following week.”

“I struggled a bit with pain only because I don’t like to take pain killers. After 3 weeks the physio gave me exercises to do at my own gym. Mr Ng saw me after 8 weeks and was very pleased with my progress. I did struggle a little with tight hamstrings but stretching and exercise are helping.”

“As I write this I am 10 week post op. I can cycle but have not yet progresses to a full spin class. I still have a long way to go but feel already I will be able to twist my knee without causing a flare-up.

“It is not worth suffering and having limited life. I needed to be active without constant flare-ups and hopefully that’s where I will be in a few months’ time.”

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