Mr Rodney Young a retired chemical biochemist from Wakefield came to see orthopaedic consultant Mr Aaron Ng for a consultation at Spire Methley Park Hospital after suffering for around 2 years with discomfort and pain in his thigh, which eventually resulted in a limp.

Mr Young’s sleep was often disturbed due to the pain he was experiencing.

After seeking help from his GP it was confirmed after an x-ray that surgery was required.

Mr Young had heard “Excellent reports first hand of patients of Mr Ng. I knew he operated at Methley, so that was my first choice.”

In his first consultation with Mr Ng included “Discussion of symptoms, study of x-ray, brief examination, recommendation of surgery”

On the day of surgery “From the moment I arrived everything went to plan. Nursing was exceptional, pain relief tailored perfectly, physio to time, professional, sensitive and reassuring.”

Mr Young was later “Discharged with full knowledge of what to do, contact details and schedule for follow up appointment clearly explained.”

The recovery back at home was “Extremely good. I was given so much confidence from medics, nurses and physio.”

At the follow up appointments “Mr Ng checked the incision, Mr Ng then showed me the X-rays, said that there had been no problems at all in theatre. He answered the few questions I had. He of coursed asked me how I felt and whether I had any problems. I left having expressed my great gratitude to Mr Ng and his team for what they have achieved for me.”

Mr Young now feels “Absolutely fine, full of confidence.

“I can already walk distances previously daunting / impossible, I can sleep without waking in pain.

“I feel the ‘clock’ has been turned back a lot of years.

Since Mr Young’s operation he has “Taken a sensible part in a sponsored walk event.”

The advice that Mr Young would give to others would be “Don’t hesitate, the surgery is skilfully done. I can’t believe how much better I feel.”




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