David Reid, 57, Hernia Repair with Mr Shiwani

David, who is an IT technical Manager from Wakefield, first noticed his hernia in January 2017. When his hernia became more noticeable David went to his GP, and then used his private medical insurance to get a private consultation at Spire Methley Park Hospital. After doing research on our website David chose to see Mr Shiwani.

In the initial consultation “Mr Shiwani checked my hernia and explained the two procedures available and benefits of both.”

David’s options were to have the hernia repair done keyhole or by open surgery. David decided to have his surgery via key hole.

David described his experience as “very comfortable and the care was excellent.”

He received “Support from nurses throughout.”

David felt “Sore,” after the operation but “Comfortable and relived this it was completed. The care I received afterwards and overnight was excellent.”

The recovery back at home went “Very well. Followed advice given by nurses and Mr Shiwani and had a good recovery.”

In the follow up appointment “Mr Shiwani checked the repair and made sure all looked ok.”

David now feels “Great as the hernia no longer there and no pain.”

“Still only 3 weeks since operation however I no longer have to be careful in how I move, run etc. due to hernia.”



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