Janette Brooks, aged 69 and a keen sportswoman from Ossett, suffered from joint pain for many years and had undergone joint replacements previously in order to continue swimming and playing tennis and badminton.

In 2012, she began to notice pain in her knee and knew from her past experiences that this would probably require a joint replacement.

She then sought advice from her previous surgeon’s secretary as he had retired. She recommended that Janette see Mr Jon Smith, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in knee surgery.

Janette says, “I came to see Mr Smith at Spire Methley Park Hospital and after taking X-rays he confirmed what I thought: that I would need a total knee replacement.”

Following on from her initial consultation, she then booked her surgery with Mr Smith. She says, “I did know what to expect having had previous joint replacements, and chose to have a general anaesthetic as opposed to a local one. After the operation I felt comfortable and was given painkillers as soon as I felt any discomfort.”

As Janette had already undergone previous joint replacements in the past she knew what to expect in terms of her recovery. She says, “As It was June when I had my surgery this helped my recovery as it meant I could get out walking to get my knee working.”

Following her surgery and recovery Janette remarked that she now feels great and that her colleagues have remarked that she is more mobile than she had been previously.

Her advice to anyone considering a joint replacement would be to go for it and have the operation.

Janette says, “The recovery may take a few months but the end result is worth it. Having my knee and other joints replaced has enabled me to carry on with my sporting life and this is something I would have been unable to do had I not had the operation. Nobody wants to be a couch potato!”

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