Around 10- 12 years ago Ian Berriman, an Engineer Project Manager, was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis, following an X-ray to both hips and knees.

After being referred to see Mr Aaron Ng by his GP, Ian was told that his left hip would need replacing and that his right hip would initially need a steroid injection, but then would eventually need replacing.

Ian wasn’t surprised by this news as he was experiencing a lot of discomfort and wanted to get it sorted before he started his retirement.

It was decided after a consultation with Mr Ng, they would operate on his left hip first. Ian described his journey as a "very good experience, very professional and all the staff on the ward and in theatre were excellent. Mr Ng was superb, as were all medical staff.”

After the operation Ian received physiotherapy and pain relief medication, "I initially needed a great deal of care moving about both in the hospital and at home." The recovery at home "went very well, I could not have managed without the care from my wife."

At the follow up consultation "the wound clips had been removed after two weeks and the dressing changed. Mr Ng checked the wound and my mobility."

Ian now feels "Excellent, still healing but every day is a better day."

"I am much more mobile now and, as I heal further, will be able to walk greater distances for longer.

"It’s still early days, but I hope to do more walking and am considering buying a bicycle."

Ian’s advice to anyone considering this surgery is "do not hesitate, get it resolved!"

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