After many years of suffering from what she believed was a bunion, Ann Umpleby from Woodlesford, finally decided to do something about it, when her symptoms became worse.

After having X-rays, Ann was surprised to be told that it wasn’t actually a bunion on her foot, but it was in fact a bone deformity.

Ann then came to Spire Methley Park Hospital to see Consultant Foot and Ankle surgeon Mr Ehab Kheir. “Mr Kheir explained what was wrong and what the procedure was,” Ann recalls. 

Ann went ahead with the foot alignment surgery, to correct the deformity in her foot.

The experience at the hospital was “very good from start to finish.

“Everything went as it should. It was only a day surgery, so I went home afterwards,” Ann explains.

The recovery at home went “smoothly as my husband was home to help.”

At the follow up appointment “dressings were removed (and) all was good. (I was) advised to keep wearing boot shoe for protection.”

Since the operation Ann is “able now to walk and not be in pain” and “wear decent looking footwear”

The advice Ann would give is “Go for it, to have more comfort with only a short time being uncomfortable.”




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