Kidney treatments

We offer a range of effective treatments and tests to help keep your body filtering system in balance.

Our kidney's filter out the waste in our blood and eliminates it through urine. The kidney system can be affected by a range of disorders including hypertension (high blood pressure), kidney stones and kidney disease.

The health of our kidneys is vital to our everyday enjoyment of life. When they misfunction, or become damaged, it can have a real negative impact on the quality of life.

Kidney stones treatment

Relatively straightforward treatment to remove painful stones from urine.

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Kidney X-ray (retrograde pyelogram)

Investigates how your urinary system is working.

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Liver and kidney test

Checks the health of these vital organs.

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Bladder investigations (cystoscopy)

A long thin tube looks inside your bladder to check for problems.

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Bladder lesion removal

Removal of abnormal growths on the bladder lining.

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Our nephrology (kidney) specialists

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Our urology specialists

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Is kidney or bladder treatment for you?

Urinary problems are uncomfortable and sometimes painful and embarrassing for people, so we understand your desire to have them treated quickly and thoroughly. If your doctor has concerns about your kidneys or bladder, we can help you with straightforward blood and urine tests as well as other diagnostic tests to check that they are working well. These tests can help to diagnose liver disease and liver cirrhosis, kidney disease, kidney infections, bladder problems, urinary tract infections and other diseases. We also provide effective, specialised treatment to help remove kidney stones and gallstones.

Why choose Spire Leicester Hospital for your kidney or bladder treatment?

We have an expert team of renal and urology consultants and specialised nursing staff, so you can be confident that you are in expert caring hands. You’ll be treated by a multi-disciplinary team focused on you. You can see the specialist consultant you choose at a time that suits you in our modern and well equipped hospital. Our consultants practise some of the latest advanced techniques and are all on the specialist register of the General Medical Council.

Since 2007, Spire Healthcare have invested £500 million in our 39 modern, well equipped hospitals and in training our medical staff to make sure we’re always delivering the best care we can.

People like you recommend us all the time: in our patient satisfaction survey for 2016, 97 % of patients told us the overall quality of their care here in Leicester was 'Good, Very good or Excellent'.