One-stop breast clinic

Spire Leicester Hospital offers prompt diagnosis and treatment of breast lumps. 

Led by consultant breast surgeons and supported by specialist radiologists and pathologists, our one-stop breast clinic is open to everyone, with or without a GP referral.

If you’ve noticed a lump or change in your breast, it’s important to get checked as soon as possible. We understand that a finding a lump or having any concern about your breasts can be very worrying - and for the majority of people it turns out to be nothing serious.

At our One Stop Breast Clinic, our compassionate, efficient team of specialists, work together to help you get the answers you need with minimal waiting for results.

Whatever your concern, from initial consultation to diagnosis and treatment, we aim to offer continuous and seamless care to achieve the best and most effective medical care for you.

What we offer at the one-stop clinic

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Consultation with a Consultant Breast Surgeon

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Investigation with a same-day mammogram

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Treatment advice to discuss results with the consultant

Why choose the one-stop breast care clinic?

  • Rapid appointment (twice weekly clinic)
  • Initial consultation with specialist consultant breast surgeon
  • Physical examination
  • Mammography or ultrasound where appropriate
  • Scans reported on immediately by specialist radiologist for the consultant to review
  • If required, biopsy (a fine needle aspiration or core biopsy) is carried out in clinic
  • Fast results -the team aims to carry out all the investigations you need at your first appointment and give you a same-day result, which you can discuss with your consultant. If you need a biopsy, we will make an appointment for your consultant to see you again as soon as the results are available to discuss with you
  • Supportive multi-disciplinary team
  • Clear pricing with no hidden costs

I'm paying for my own treatment

If you are paying for yourself, call our private treatment advisors on 0116 265 3021 and our friendly team will talk you through the service and schedule your appointment.

I'm using private health insurance

If you are using private medical insurance, please obtain a GP referral letter and then call us on 0116 265 3685 requesting an appointment at our one-stop breast clinic.

Self funding guide prices

Please note that due to the nature of the clinic, there can be additional fees depending on investigations that may be required.

Diagnostic tests and interventional procedures commonly undertaken in the one-stop breast clinic:

  • Consultation and examination by consultant breast surgeon up to £250
  • mammogram* £155 - *£185
  • Ultrasound breast £299 - £449                             
  • Ultrasound axilla £330 - £470                       
  • Ultrasound of other area £160
  • Fine needle aspiration, including ultrasound and histology £540 - £898
  • Core biopsy, including ultrasound and histology £626 - £1027
  • Follow up consultation (where required) £130

*A mammogram is routinely performed on both breasts during an initial consultation.

*Prices shown are for one breast or two breasts procedures.