To improve mobility and power

Hydrotherapy Pool at Spire Harpenden Hospital

Hydrotherapy is an innovative rehabilitation service, rarely available in most physiotherapy centres. Hydrotherapy can improve mobility and power - as the water can either provide buoyancy and assistance, or resistance – in order to strengthen muscles. The support and warmth of the water often gives a feeling of security, which enables the individual to achieve more than is normally possible on dry land (in the early stages of rehabilitation).

Conditions that can be helped with Hydrotherapy:
Post surgery especially: total knee replacement, total hip replacement, cruciate ligament reconstruction, knee arthroscopies, ankle and hip arthroscopies, shoulder surgery and spinal surgery
Post road traffic accidents as part of your rehabilitation
As part of your general rehabilitation programme
Skiing injuries

Will the pool be warm?

The Hydrotherapy pool is heated to be between 34 and 35 degrees, which is just below body temperature and should allow you to feel comfortable in the water.

Do you have to be able to swim to have Hydrotherapy treatment?

No, you don't have to be able to swim. Most exercises are done while standing, sitting or holding onto the bar which runs around the side of the pool. A physiotherapist is always present and you will probably share the pool with one or two other patients.

Are there steps into the pool?

There are steps leading into the pool, however we do have a hoist if you find steps difficult.

How long will the session last?

Each treatment session normally lasts for about half an hour, but each one varies depending on your individual needs.

How to book an appointment 

For further information and to find out conditions of use, please contact our Physiotherapy Department on 01582 714 447

Hydrotherapy 'self help' sessions

The Physiotherapy department is running 'self help' sessions for patients who have either recently completed a course of hydrotherapy or are currently attending a course of treatment in the pool.

These sessions are run on Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings, they last 30 minutes at £16 per person.

An exercise sheet will be provided by your Physiotherapist prior to booking these sessions.

There will be a hydrotherapy assistant in attendance but will only be at the sessions for supervision and guidance purposes, there will be no Physiotherapist in the pool.