Sports injury service

Our sports physiotherapists will treat you like a professional athlete

Why you might need it

At Spire Harpenden Hospital we understand sports injuries can be debilitating and recovery times can be lengthy and frustrating. Our Sports Injuries Service offers high standards of care and attention which are reflected in the expertise and treatment provided by our specialist physiotherapists.

 Who will do it?

Our highly skilled physiotherapists are all specialists in their field to ensure you receive the best treatment and advise so you can return to normal fitness as soon as possible. The earlier you request an assessment for an injury and receive appropriate treatment, the faster we may be able to help you resume both your everyday and sporting activities.

Our Sports Injuries Service provides a highly specialised service to individuals at all levels of recreational and professional sports. We regularly treat athletes of all abilities, and are experienced in treating injuries from a variety of disciplines, such as athletics, cycling, football, rugby and racquet sports.

Our aim is to return you to normal fitness as quickly as possible by providing a recovery programme tailored to your individual needs.

 Preparing for treatment

At your first appointment a detailed history will be taken, followed by a thorough assessment of your condition. This enables your physiotherapist to establish your baseline function, from which they can measure your improvement.

You will receive expert advice and treatment with a personal programme tailored to your needs.

Your physiotherapist can also refer you to a consultant and arrange access, when necessary, to our diagnostic facilities including X-ray, ultrasound, MRI and CT scanning.

Your physiotherapist can liaise with your GP or consultant and provide a detailed discharge summary at the end of your treatment.

 What the service provides

Rapid assessment for clear diagnosis, analysis of recurring injuries, orthotic service for specialist foot orthoses and knee braces, treatment for all types of sports injuries, practical advice on the continuation of training or rest periods required, comprehensive recovery programme, gym-based rehabilitation.

 Which conditions are treated?

Arthritis, fractures, frozen shoulder, ligament sprains, low back pain, muscle strains and tears, joint conditions, post-operative, conditions, repetitive strain injuries, shin splints, spinal conditions, sports injuries, tendon pain i.e. Achilles tendon, tennis elbow, whiplash.

 Making an appointment

For further information on the Sports Injury physiotherapy at Spire Harpenden Hospital, or to make an appointment, please call us on 01582 714 447.