TMJ physiotherapy for jaw pain

Treatment for TMJ disorders affecting the jaw muscles and nerves



Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders are a common set of problems which affect the joints and muscles of the jaw. Symptoms can include pain in the jaw or head, clicking and popping of the jaw, headaches, not being able to eat or chew, reduced mouth opening & neck pain.

It is not always clear as to the cause of TMJ disorders; there is usually a gradual build-up, but they can sometimes be the result of an injury or may be related to sports. There are a number of contributing factors, and in young people it is most likely to be an imbalance of the muscles of the jaw. However, your physiotherapist will carry out a detailed assessment to establish this.

Why you might need TMJ physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can be useful to provide pain relief, improve opening and range of movement of the jaw and restore normal daily function. There are certain disorders that unfortunately do require surgical intervention, but post-operative TMJ physiotherapy can also be provided at Spire Harpenden.

Making an appointment

For further information on the TMJ physiotherapy service at Spire Harpenden Hospital, or to make an appointment, please call 01582 714 447.