Ms Young had 3mm Laparoscopic surgery with our consultant general surgeon Mr Paras Jethwa.

After months of trying to discover why I had crippling chest pain, it was discovered I had gallstones and the best resolution was to have my gall bladder removed. I was extremely fearful of this as a friend of mine in the USA had just had hers done and had been left with shocking scars on her chest. 

However, by a stroke of luck I was recommended to Paras Jethwa, a consultant at Spire Gatwick who quickly reassured me that this would not be an issue as I would be able to have the surgery done using new equipment that was only 3mm wide. 

Paras did a great job and although the recovery time was a little longer than I hoped, this was largely due to tiredness as I had very little pain, just felt sore. The best news is that you could not tell I have ever had any surgery – the scars are so small they look like freckles! 

The staff and nurses were very kind to me throughout my stay. I would highly recommended Spire and Paras if you needed to have this type of surgery. Best of all, I have no more chest pain and I’m living life exactly as before!