After sustaining a compound fracture and dislocated ankle I came out of plaster in late October of 2018, I wouldn’t describe my foot/ankle in any way mobile at all.

Now we are in February of 2019 and I'm back training for rugby I’m astonished by my progress which wouldn’t have been possible without Malcolm and the kind people at Gatwick park. I’ve recovered much faster than I was expected to and I couldn’t be happier.

Every appointment after a week/ two weeks practice of the exercises provided I always saw big improvements in my mobility and stability and this gave me a lot of confidence and determination to push through the physio stage, in order to become fully fit again.

I wouldn’t look anywhere else after a serious injury ever again, Malcolm and the team at Gatwick Park provided me with the care that was second to none and I can’t say thank you enough!

Jack - Spire Gatwick Park Hospital