Robotic orthopaedics

Robotic-arm assisted technology and 3D scanning for partial knee replacements or total hip replacements.

What is it?

MAKO robotic-arm assisted technology provides a personalised surgical plan for joint replacement surgery. You might need joint replacement surgery because of disease, like osteoarthritis, or just wear and tear.

Your consultant uses the robotic-arm to take a CT scan of the diseased joint, which is used to make a 3D model of your hip or knee. Then they use the 3D model to pre-plan and help when performing your partial knee replacement or total hip replacement.

In the operating room, your surgeon follows the personalised surgical plan while preparing the bone for the implant.

The Mako system guides your consultant within pre-defined areas which prevent them from moving outside planned areas, avoiding the removal of healthy bone tissue. This helps to provide more accurate placement and alignment of your implant, and the consultant can make necessary adjustments during surgery.

Watch a video about the benefits of this pioneering treatment


- patient-specific 3D plan means higher level of patient-specific implant alignment and positioning

- controlled robotic-arm helps the consultant execute the procedure with a high degree of accuracy and predictability

- diseased parts of the bone can be removed while preserving healthy bone and tissue

- patients have fewer complications and faster recovery time

- in studies, Mako total hip replacement acetabular cup placement has been shown to be four times more accurate and reproducible than manual total hip replacement procedures.

Read about the MakoTM Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology

Your consultant

A team of seven surgeons at Spire Edinburgh Hospitals are fully trained in carrying out MAKO robot-assisted surgery.

The team are proud to bring the technology to self-pay and insured patients in Scotland and further afield. Using the robotic arm means our consultants can:

Personalise every operation to suit every individual patient

Make alterations mid-operation that couldn’t be made using previous surgical methods 

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