As an active, sport-loving individual, I had been putting off any kind of surgery on my foot for some time.  In addition to foot pain, there were also referred knee and hip issues from walking and running with limited ability to balance properly on my foot.  However I was nervous about the impact of surgery – and indeed the potentially lengthy recovery time following surgery.

I looked into minimally invasive surgery and had several recommendations for Mr McKinley.  The process was straightforward and I was able to leave hospital the same day and on foot!

After only eight weeks, I am walking normally, driving and able to do a little swimming and cycling.  Swelling, pain and bruising has been minimal and mobility very good.  

I am delighted with the outcome and the speed of recovery.  Whilst the Murrayfield Hospital is excellent, I believe it is the choice of surgeon that is key with such an operation and I would highly recommend Mr McKinley to anyone considering such a procedure.

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